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Learning a physical skill through informal peer-to-peer learning online: a case self-organized lifestyle sports youth groups in Oslo, Norway


Keinanen, M. & Safvenbom, R.



Tipo de publicación

Publicación en congreso



Palabras clave

Peer-to-peer learning, social media, life-style sports, parkour, physical education.


In this paper we discuss a case of self-organized life style sports movement group based in Oslo Norway. In contrast to traditional physical education classes and sports club activities, the learning of a physical skill within the group is decentralized, process rather than goal oriented and intrinsically motivated. The main impetus and new knowledge is acquired from YouTube and other similar websites, connecting the group to global ongoing exploration. We suggest that use of the Web as a source for inspiration for physical exploration should be included in regular physical education teaching at least to some extent.


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