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“Pop-Up Systems”—Innovative Sport and Exercise-Oriented Offerings for Promoting Physical Activity in All-Day Schools


Ferrari, I. et al.




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all-day schools; extended education; physical activity (PA) and exercise opportunities; pop-up facilities


Open AccessArticle
“Pop-Up Systems”—Innovative Sport and Exercise-Oriented Offerings for Promoting Physical Activity in All-Day Schools
by Ilaria Ferrari 1,*ORCID,Patricia Schuler 1,Kathrin Bretz 1ORCID,Jessica Bär 2,Marianne Rast 2 andLukas Niederberger 2
Research Group Exercise and Sport, Zurich University of Teacher Education, 8090 Zurich, Switzerland
Sports Office City of Zurich, Competence Center Physical Education, 8050 Zurich, Switzerland
Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.
Academic Editors: Francis Ries, Richard Bailey and Claude Scheuer
Sustainability 2022, 14(5), 3090;
Received: 16 February 2022 / Revised: 1 March 2022 / Accepted: 4 March 2022 / Published: 7 March 2022
(This article belongs to the Special Issue Active School Concept)
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In all-day schools and schools with extended education, children have the opportunity to spend the whole day at school. Full-day attendance at school requires a reorientation of extended time. Therefore, it is important to consider how children spend their time between lessons and identify conducive opportunities. As part of the project “Sport in the School Environment”, multiple mobile pop-up facilities were installed at several all-day schools in Zurich, Switzerland, for a period of 3–6 weeks. These facilities included “Parkour”, “Pumptrack”, “Skatepark”, and “Streetsoccer”. The aim was to find out whether these installations offer an opportunity for physical activity (PA). At the same time, social aspects of the students using these facilities as part of their all-day school attendance were observed. The following questions were investigated: How, by whom, and in which contexts are the installations used? The use of the facilities was evaluated content-analytically and descriptively. It was shown that the facilities are used intensively and in very different ways. The main focus of the pop-up facilities is on the use of the facilities and the creation of opportunities for children and young people to exercise and meet up with each other.


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