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Parkour: historia e conceitos da modalidade


Martins, A.L., Gomes, J. & Marchetti, P.E.



Tipo de publicación

Artículo de revista



Palabras clave

Lazer; corrida livre; esporte radical


The Parkour is a physical activity based on a proposal of Natural method (NM) and the Parcours Du Combattant (PDC). The aim was to review the historical aspects, and prime characteristics of the modality Parkour. George Hébert was the creator of MN, against the gymnastics and sports expertise. He has published the base of MN, using natural gestures and full physical development. The PDC idealized by Raymond Belle was adapted from MN and military training base. David Belle continued the legacy of his father, based on the concept that training should be applicable to real life and extreme situations. We concluded that the conceptual and historical aspects of Parkour are determinant to define its identity within the physical education's area.


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