"Parkour" Un aprendizaje cooperativo

3D Versus 4K Display System - Influence of "State-of-the-art"-Display Technique on Surgical Performance (IDOSP-study) in Minimally Invasive Surgery: A Randomized Cross-over Trial

A comparison of the habitual landing strategies from differing drop heights of parkour practitioners (Traceurs) and recreationally trained individuals

A displaced paediatric metaphyseal fracture of a distal tibia and fibula sustained during Parkour -- a potentially dangerous recreation from France

A door for creativity-art and competition in parkour

A free-runninig case of study

A post-COVID-19 lifestyle sport research agenda: Communication, risk, and organizational challenges

Action sports for youth development: critical insights for the SDP community

Adaptive difficulty scales for Parkour games

Affordance boundaries are defined by dynamic capabilities of Parkour athletes in dropping from various heights

Alternative to team sports: The effects of Parkour on children, adolescents and young adults - A case study

American Genre Film in the French Banlieue: Luc Besson and Parkour

An existential phenomenological examination of parkour and freerunning

Angular momentum regulation strategies for highly dynamic landing in Parkour

Análisis de los procesos administrativos llevados acabo para la construcción del primer escenario deportivo de parkour. Estudio de caso parque tercer milenio

Aprendizaje cooperativo mediante el parkour en el ciclo superior. Unidad didáctica "Buscando otros caminos… Parkour"

Are Children Attracted to Play Elements with an Open Function?

Art du Deplacement (ADD)/Parkour therapy for people with Parkinson's disease (PDP)

Augmented reality-based rehabilitation of gait impairments: Case report

Beyond Urban Subcultures: Urban Subversions as Rhizomatic Social Formations

Breaking the jump: the secret story of parkour's high-flying rebellion

Breaking the jump: the secret story of parkour's high-flying rebellion

Bridging the gap: parkour athletes provide new insights into locomotion energetics of arboreal apes

Centro de práctica y entrenamiento de deportes extremos: escalada, parkour y patinaje para jóvenes

Centro deportivo del campus universitario

Chronic effect of strength training on vertical jump performance in parkour practitioners

Cine parkour: a cinematic and theoretical contribution to the understanding of the practice of parkour. 

Clasificación de las praxis motrices de turismo activo en entornos naturales

Climb ups or thumbs ups?: Identifying determinants for parkour-related physical self-concepts of traceurs based on training data and social media use

Climbing walls, making bridges: children of immigrants’ identity negotiations through capoeira and parkour in Turin

Coletivos juvenis e parkour no Brasil: percursos interculturais e identidades

Comparación de los componentes de la aptitud física que caracterizan al parkour en un grupo de practicantes costarricenses según los años de entrenamiento

Comparación de los componentes de la aptitud física y composición corporal en practicantes de parkour según los años de entrenamiento

Comparison of Physical and Physiological Performance Features of Parkour and Gymnastics Athletes

Condições sociais de emergência de um subcampo esportivoo caso do parkour.

Content Development as a Function of Content Knowledge Courses in Preservice Physical Education Teachers

Content dimensions of adventure corporal practices: experience in children's physical education

Cortical and spinal excitabilities are differently balanced in power athletes(

Crossing the symbolic boundaries: parkour, gender and urban spaces in Genoa

Cuerpos y trazos en el lienzo urbano: la práctica del parkour en Cali

Cultures urbaines et activités physiques et sportives. La «sportification» du parkour et du street golf comme médiation culturelle

DUNT. "Deportes urbanos y nuevas tendencias"

Da Rua para o Mundo: Etnografia Urbana Comparada do Graffiti e do Parkour

Da Rua para o Mundo: Etnografia Urbana Comparada do Graffiti e do Parkour

Dancing Teachers into Being with a Garden, or How to Swing or Parkour the Strict Grid of Schooling

De peatón a traceur en una diagonal. El parkour en la ciudad de la Plata. Nuevas prácticas, patrimonios motrices y formas de socialidad

Deleuze, Política y Subjetividad: El Parkour o la subjetivación lúdico-política de los cuerpos post-urbanos

Deportes extremos en el discurso mediático de las sociedades contemporáneas

Deportes extremos en la escuela: las tres dimensiones de los contenidos y el desarrollo del pensamiento crítico

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