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Heidegger, Parkour, Post‐sport, and the Essence of Being


Atkinson, M.



A Companion to Sport

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Transhumanist philosophy and associated ethical debates remains relatively novel in the sociology of sport. This chapter discusses the implications of transhumanism on sport culture, and the resistance to transhumanist tendencies in sport through the case study of Parkour. In largely drawing upon the existentialist and phenomeno-logically informed work of Martin Heidegger and neo-Marxist thinking of Guy Debord, the chapter presents an alternative to the largely hegemonic condition of technological dominance in sport. The thrust of the post-sport, anti-transhumanist challenge to mainstream sports cultures and their modalities of Being is precisely this; traceurs deliberately question why particular states of Being are privileged over others in athletics, and what athletics might look like if new sensibilities and existential experiences are nurtured within physical cultures.


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