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L’aménagement des parkour-parks : les espaces dédiés pour les activités ludo-sportives comme outils d’inclusion? Études de cas à Nantes et à Rennes


Lesné, R., Gibout, C. & Lebreton, F.



Loisir et Societe

Tipo de publicación

Artículo de revista



Palabras clave

skateboarding, parkour, dedicated open space for sports, recreational urbanity, youth citizenship


Skating sports have dominated the field of studies in human and social sciences regarding sports-leisure practices for a long time, particularly because of their visibility in cities by the establishment of open spaces: skate parks. However, since the 1990s, these activities that invest in urban spaces have been diversifying. Parkour is one of them and presents the originality of questioning the (skate and/or parkour) parks, as it is an urban planning tool and it is also dedicated to the development of open and public facilities for this activity. Based on a literature review and a study conducted in Rennes and Nantes, we question this fact of the park and show that, beyond its urban planning issues, it constitutes (1) a lever of the emergence of renewed youth citizenship; and (2) a vehicle for building not only a sporty, but more broadly recreational, urbanity.


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