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Parkour, Gendered Power and the Politics of Identity


Wheaton, B.



Women in Action Sport Cultures

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Female Participant, Action Sport, Dominant Discourse, Fitness Class, Masculine Identity


In this chapter I explore gendered power relations in the predominantly urban- based and male-dominated activity of parkour. I draw on empirical research conducted in England, and media commentaries, including a case study of women in Iran. I highlight parkour’s unique ethos and dominant form of masculinity, illustrating that despite the male dominance, parkour appears not to embrace some central aspects of traditional sporting masculinity such as the win-at-all cost ethos, aggression, and exclusion. However despite this desire for inclusivity, and evidence of men’s attempts to involve and encourage women, for some women parkour spaces are nonetheless perceived as alienating, and all women environments have provided ‘safer’ spaces for entry. I highlight the contradictions faced by women who participate in parkour, and advocate for more extensive research that focuses on female participants experiences.


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