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An unusual wrist injury in a parkour-athlete: Transstyloid, transscaphoid, transtriquetral perilunate dislocation


Kalinterakis, G. et al.



Trauma Case Reports

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Artículo de revista



Palabras clave

Dislocation; Fracture; Perilunate; Wrist


Perilunate dislocations are uncommon high energy injuries. The combination of fractures resulting in a trans-styloid, trans-scaphoid, and trans-triquetral perilunate fracture dislocation is extremely rare. We describe a 20 year old male who suffered this injury after a fall from height while parkouring. He underwent open reduction and internal fixation with ligamentous repair and carpal tunnel decompression. After 3 months, he was noted to have a radiographic evidence of scapholunate dissociation and he returned to the operative room for definitive fixation. Despite this complication, the final functional outcome 6 months after the second surgery was satisfying.


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