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Das Phänomen Parkour und Freerunning.


Schwarzer, A.



Universidad de Viena

Tipo de publicación

Trabajo Fin de Grado/Máster o similar



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Introduction: Parkour and Freerunning has a non-typical character. Its non-standardization and self-determination represents an interesting field of research. With this quantitative survey, it is possible to collect sport specific motives. Theses empirical findings help to get some deeper insights in motivational reasons for doing Parkour and Freerunning but as well enable comparison with other sports. Purpose: With the use of questionnaire method, this study aimed to discover ways or types of attractions which relate to the fact of Parkour and Freerunning participation. Furthermore, gathered data of motives were used to compare different groups of people what could point out essential statements. Methods: The so called Berner Motiv- und Zielfinventar (BMZI) was modified and therefor used to collect assessments from 135 study participants who were between 16 and 47 years of age. Via varimax rotation and reliability analyses groups of motives could be factorized and so could its internal consistency be checked. T-Test and U-Test determined significant differences. For testing the correlation hypothesis, the Bravais and Pearson correlation was used. Results: Because of the valuations individual formulations of possible motives and its statistical analysis it was possible to collect a large amount of information about people’s motivations. The outcome shows that especially women’s and men’s motives do not really have a large variation. Test persons who did any kind of sport during their childhood exhibit higher motif-assessments to some extent. Age related, especially the values of self-centered motives decrease. Because the term Parkour “and” or “or” Freerunning is a well-known discussion in the Parkour and Freerunning scene, the motive analysis could show some interesting outcomes as well. Conclusion: All those collected information indicate that, because of Parkour’s and Freerunning’s non-standardization and self-determination, the personal challenge which is seen as a joy of movement is the highest motivation for participating Parkour and Freerunning.


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