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How Parkour Coaches Learn to Coach: Coaches’ Sources of Learning in an Unregulated Sport


Greenberg, E. & Culver, D.M.



Journal of Adventure Education and Outdoor Learning

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Artículo de revista



Palabras clave

coach learning, new sport, adventure sport, lifestyle sport


Parkour is a relatively new sport, and so there has not yet been much published research relating to parkour, or more specifically, parkour coaching. There is a large body of knowledge relating to how sport coaches learn to coach, but such research has examined regulated sports; that is, sports with national governing bodies. In North America, where this study was conducted, parkour does not have any national governing bodies, rendering it unregulated. When asked how they learned to coach, parkour coaches from this study described the influences of various sources of learning: parkour coaching experience, previous leadership experience, experience as an athlete in parkour and other sports, other parkour coaches, non-parkour coaches, parkour coach education programmes, school, reflection, and the Internet. It will be interesting to see how the specific influences of these sources might change in the future if parkour in North America becomes regulated.


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