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Parkour v mezích materiality


Ondřej, R.



Západočeská univerzita v Plzni

Tipo de publicación

Trabajo Fin de Grado/Máster o similar



Palabras clave


The author, in his diploma thesis examines the relationship between parkour and materiality, through the observation of a small group of traceurs, research on the internet and a discourse analysis of a set of videos. Parkour and all its features, its specific form, are achieved through associations (mutual relationships) of the various actors - the traceurs, the space and the shoes traceurs wear. Parkour exists within the limits of materiality, it is influenced by it – materiality has the ability to act in relation to traceurs (parkour). Traceurs are aware of the surfaces and their attributes. For example, they care about what kinds of sole their shoes have and how „grippy“ it is (how much it slides on different surfaces etc.). Traceurs are also aware of the impact of certain moves on their body in relations to materials, height, distance etc.


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