What makes parkour unique? A narrative review across miscellaneous academic fields.


Pagnon, D. et al.




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Artículo de revista



Palabras clave

free-running, biomechanics, physiology, landing, precision, lifestyle sport


Parkour is a growing sport that mostly involves jumping, vaulting over obstacles, and climbing in a non dedicated setting. The authors gathered all known relevant literature across miscellaneaous academic fields in order to define parkour with regards to other sports disciplines. Parkour is a lifestyle sport, and as such provides an alternative to mainstream ones, away from strict rules, standardized settings, and necessary competitions. Traceurs (parkour adepts) consider the city as a playground and as an outlet for their creativity, but they also have a strong taste for hard and individualized challenges. They usually train on non specific structures, at ground level. Although their social background is not clear, they are mostly young and male.