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IPA Thematic Analysis of Parkour and Freerunning


Wallace, M.



International Journal of Basic & Applied Sciences

Tipo de publicación

International Journal of Basic & Applied Sciences



Palabras clave

Parkour, free running, individual, selfexpression, qualitative, growth and development.


Parkour and free running are unconventional physical activities that are non-competitive in nature. Participants focus on the development of individual physical and mental strength, fluidity of movement and teamwork. Participants practice the activities in groups or alone and incorporate elements of self-expression and gymnastic movement. Moves can include running, rolling, jumping, climbing, swinging and vaulting. This paper provides the results of a qualitative study into the major psychological and sociological reasons for their emergence. The detailed accounts of eight parkour and free running participants significantly contribute towards broadening understanding on their growth and development.


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