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Remarks from a Lost Engagement with the Engaging Ordinariness of Parkour


Smith, R. J.



The Lost Ethnographies: Methodological Insights from Projects that Never Were

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Ethnography, ethnomethodology, parkour, embodiment, membership categorisation, cities


In this chapter the author discusses some insights lost in a lost ethnomethodological study of parkour. The author introduces parkour, before critically engaging with some of the existing theoretical treatments of the practice. The author then considers some of the materials drawn on by those existing studies in reconsidering what is getting done in ‘parkour talk’. In further outlining what was lost, the author considers some of the aspects of the study that would have positioned parkour in terms of its engaging ordinariness. The chapter concludes with a summary of these avenues of inquiry and closes with a plea for the continued recognition of basic social inquiry and ethnography.


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