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Secretly public. The parkour and the public space as threshold


Bertoni, F.



Rivista Geografica Italiana

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Artículo de revista



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Is realized in urban spaces, developed starting from their margins, both spatial and temporal. Through it, it is possible to question the analytical and theoretical concepts that are used to interpret the city, challenging definitions, and applications. Based on the preliminary result of a wider ethnography, the article intends to create a dialogue between fieldwork experiences and the theoretical concept of "public space", starting from its classical declination. In particular, the space constructed by traceurs and traceuses will be read as a "secretly public" space. The expression, paradoxical for the Habermasian tradition, intends to highlight how the public¬ ity is constructed and produced in a territoriology. Through it, actors, activities, and discourses are identified, between scalar strategies of management and control and minute practices of re-appropriation.


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