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Content Development as a Function of Content Knowledge Courses in Preservice Physical Education Teachers


Iserbyt, P. & Coolkens, R.



International Journal of Kinesiology in Higher Education

Tipo de publicación

Artículo de revista



Palabras clave

Content map, specialized content knowledge, professional development, instructional tasks


The purpose of this study was to investigate preservice teachers' (PSTs) knowledge of instructional task progressions (i.e., content development) and depth of content knowledge as a function of content courses in parkour and basketball. 18 preservice teachers (PSTs) (five female and 13 male) in Physical Education from a Belgian university engaged in a parkour and basketball content course. Each class consisted of a 4-day unit with a total duration of 12 hours and focused on the acquisition of specialized content knowledge through microteaching sessions. Before and after the content course, PSTs content development defined in terms of knowledge of instructional tasks was measured through content mapping. Two trained observers coded content maps independently and reliability was 86%, based on 75% of the total sample. For parkour, the median total number of tasks, informing and extending tasks, increased significantly after the content course (p = 0.001). For basketball, the median total number of tasks remained the same (p = 0.011). Median extending tasks decreased significantly (p = 0.003) while extending-applying tasks increased significantly (p = 0.007). Median depth of content knowledge did not improve and was 1.67 for parkour and 1.15 for basketball, which is below the recommended index of 3.0. For parkour, content courses positively increased PST's content development in terms of total and extending tasks. For basketball, the increase of extending-applying tasks reflected a game-based approach. Further research is needed to investigate how content courses should be designed to improve PST's knowledge of instructional tasks.


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