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Development of Parkour Game System Using EEG Control


Wang, P. et al.



2018 International Symposium on Computer, Consumer and Control (IS3C)

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This paper designs a parkour game system based on Electroencephalo-Graph(EEG) control. The system uses the Bluetooth protocol to wirelessly connect the EEG acquisition equipment (Mindwave Mobile) to the smart phone terminal. And the Mindwave Mobile will acquire EEG signals of the subjects in real time and transmit them to the smart phone terminal through the Bluetooth module, Parkour game software of mobile terminal will receive EEG signals for further processing. The system uses the "Attention Degree", the "Meditation Degree" and "Electro-Oculogram(EOG)" as driving parameters to control the progress of the game. The game, developed on the basis of Mindwave Mobile, helps to exercise emotional control for adolescents, especially Adolescent Hyperactivity Disorder(ADHD). And it also can help patients with cerebral palsy recover mentally.


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