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Feasibility of Parkour-style training in team sport practice: A Delphi study


Strafford, B. W. et al.



Journal of Sports Sciences

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Artículo de revista



Palabras clave

Coaching; learning; parkour training; pedagogy; talent development


Research has suggested Parkour-style training could act as a donor sport for athlete development in team sports. This study aimed to interrogate expert consensus on the feasibility of integrating Parkour-style training into team sport practice, by employing a three-round, online Delphi method. Talent development and strength and conditioning coaches working in team sport settings were invited to participate. Twenty-four coaches completed Round One, 21 completed Round Two and 20 completed Round Three. In Round One, coaches answered 15 open-ended questions across four categories: (1) General Perceptions of Parkour-style training; (2) Potential Applications of Parkour-style training; (3) Designing and Implementing Parkour-style training Environments; and (4), Creating an Inclusive Learning Environment. Responses from Round One were analysed using reflexive thematic analysis with deductive and inductive coding resulting in 78 statements across three dimensions (Application of Parkour Style Training in Team Sports; Designing and Implementing Parkour-style training Environments; Overcoming Potential Barriers when Integrating Parkour-style training). In Rounds Two and Three, coaches rated these statements using a four-point Likert scale and measures of collective agreement or disagreement were calculated. This study established consensus around a set of design principles for integrating Parkour-style training into team sport practice routines.


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