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Foot pain after parkour in a 31-year-old man


Blanco, M. & Lee, D.



Journal of Musculoskeletal Medicine

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Artículo de revista



Palabras clave

Jumping, Adverse Effects, Foot, Pathology, Pain, Fascia


A 31-year-old Asian man presented for evaluation of left foot pain that began on the day before his clinic visit while he was practicing parkour (the physical discipline of training to overcome obstacles within one’s path by using only the human body and objects in the environment). He had no significant medical history. The patient recalled leaping from a platform toward a horizontal bar attached to a wall a few feet away. During the lift-off phase of the jump, he experienced a snapping sensation in his left foot, with subsequent pain in the arch and heel. Immediately after this event, he was unable to ambulate. 


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