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The semiotics of parkour


Leone, M.



Kodikas / Code

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Artículo de revista



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The present article is part of a vast research and publication project whose main purpose is to reveal some of the essential characteristics of the phenomenology and semiotics of belonging in contemporary societies and cultures. Such purpose is pursued through the analysis of the way in which these characteristics are manifested by various kinds of physical and conceptual (dis)placements across identity frontiers. The article, in particular, proposes a phenomenological and semiotic reflection on the dialectics between two opposite agencies. On the one hand, the agency of political power as it is expressed in the utopia of controlling the frontiers of belonging through centralized urban and architectural planning. On the other hand, the urban phenomenon of parkour as sum of individual agencies that seeks to defy political power, its utopia of centralized control, and the urban frontiers of belonging that it brings about. Such challenge is undertaken by means of a practice (and performance) of physical (dis)placement through space, which systematically defies its urban and architectural structure. 


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