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Undisciplined spaces Lifestyle sports and sport-for-all policies in Italy


Sterchele, D. et al.



Lifestyle Sports and Public Policy

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In the last decades, parkour as an urban bodily practice has gained an extraordinary visibility in the global sportscape, thanks to its precocious mediatisation in blockbuster movies and documentaries, in internet video channels like Youtube, on websites and on social networks. In Italy, too, it has rapidly become popular among young people. The chapter examines the role of UISP (Unione Italiana Sport per Tutti, Sport-for-All Italian Union), the largest Italian sport-for-all organisation, in the diffusion and legitimation of parkour within the Italian context, which also becomes a way for UISP to legitimise itself as the hegemonic promoter of new/alternative sports in Italy. UISP managed to incorporate into its organisation a large portion of the parkour scene: in 2013 about 70 parkour groups and 1,400 traceurs were formally affiliated, including some of the most active parkour groups in the national landscape


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